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Aquacolor Yellow UV Dayglow MakeUp

Aquacolor Yellow UV Dayglow Make Up - 30ml

Aquacolor Yellow UV Dayglow Make Up - 30ml

Price: 12.95

Aquacolor UV-Dayglow is a fat-free water color. With a pigment content of ca. 50%. Aquacolor UV-Dayglow is specially color intensive and glows already under normal light conditions. It is universally applicable, for example, clothing, shoes, for baldness effects and masks to achieve special lighting effects under black light. Application is effortless, with an only slightly moistened make-up sponge or brush. After drying, it can be gently buffed with a soft towel. Setting Spray is recommended if the make-up will be subjected to extreme conditions. Aquacolor is extensively smudge-proof and can be easily removed with soap and water.

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