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Bald Cap Mold Block

Bald Cap Mold Block
Bald Cap Mold Block - view 1Bald Cap Mold Block - view 2Bald Cap Mold Block - view 3

Bald Cap Mold Block

Price: 22.95

Bald Cap Mold Block for producing artificial bald caps especially made from Glatzan. This mold block is suitable for two sizes: 55 and 57 cm. Apply Glatzan evenly onto the Bald Cap Mold Block and repeat if necessary to achieve the desired thickness of the bald cap. This Bald Cap Mold Block is very lightweight because it is hollow inside.

Bald Cap Moulding

After application of the last layer, the bald cap should be allowed to thoroughly dry all the way through (for 6-12 hours). It can then be thoroughly powdered and carefully removed from the head form. The removal process should start at the nape of the neck and then proceed slowly in the direction of the forehead. Bald caps created in this way should be used only after the fumes have completely dispersed, and after there is no greatly noticeable smell of solvent.

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