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F/X Blood

F/X Blood 100ml
F/X Blood 100ml - view 1F/X Blood 100ml - view 2F/X Blood 100ml - view 3F/X Blood 100ml - view 4F/X Blood 100ml - view 5F/X Blood 100ml - view 6F/X Blood 100ml - view 7

F/X Blood 100ml

Price: 7.95

  • Light Blood   
  • Dark Blood   

F/X Blood is a liquid artificial blood that is highly versatile in its use. It dries completely on the skin and is then smudge-proof and does not stain. Though its own sheen, however, it still makes a fresh and moist impression. This type of blood is available in two color shades: light and dark. F/X Blood is easily removed from skin with soap and warm water. It can also be washed out of most textile fabrics.

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