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Sugar Skull Make Up Kit

Sugar Skull Make Up Kit - Usual Price 43.95 NOW ONLY 21.95

Sugar Skull Make Up Kit - Usual Price £43.95 NOW ONLY £21.95

Price: 21.95

The Sugar Skull Kit contains every product needed to create this amazing Halloween look. It also comes with a visual step-by-step guide explaining the techniques and products in detail.

* 2 Make-up Brushes
* 3 Aquacolor 8 ml
* Body Jewels
* Supracolor Clown White 30 g
* 2 Multi Gel Glitter 10 ml
* Translucent Powder 20 g
* Powder Puff
* Make-up Sponge
* Make-up Bag

For tips on how to create your Sugar Skull
See Step by Step Below.

Sugar Skull Make Up Step By Step

1. Using a brush, with the Supracolor Clown White 30 g section off the face with a sharp line around the hairline and jaw. Fill in the rest of the face with the sponge ensuring that the application is even and smooth. Use Translucent Powder 20 g to set the base, then dust removing excess powder.

2. To highlight features, using a combination of brush and sponge, apply Aquacolor 8 ml (TK 2). Mix Aquacolor with water and build to a creamy consistency before application. Shade in the hairline, eyes, lips and cheek contour with a sponge. With a fine brush draw overlapping petal shapes on the chin.

3. Using Aquacolor 8 ml (blue 10) repeat the process in Step 2 for the cheek contour, eyes and lips. At the center of the hairline, mirror the petal design on the chin. With this step during the application ensure the ‘TK2’ is still visible around the edges for a two-tone gradient effect.

4. For definition use Aquacolor 8 ml (071). Use a fine brush here for accuracy. Define the edges of the petals painted in ‘Blue 10’ with strong lines. To create the nose shape draw two overlapping petals. Around the eyes repeat a continuous pattern of semi-circles. The lips and cheekbones are defined with sharp graphic lines.

5. Multi Gel Glitter 10 ml, fine (silver) and Multi Gel Glitter 10 ml, fine (pearl blue) is applied into the corners of the eyes and inside each colored petal.

6. To complete the look solid petals in Aquacolor 8 ml (071) are drawn in varying sizes to add fine detail. Body Jewels (blue) are then adhered.

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