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Caeser Prosthetic Nose

Caeser Prosthetic Foam Nose
Caeser Prosthetic Foam Nose - view 1Caeser Prosthetic Foam Nose - view 2Caeser Prosthetic Foam Nose - view 3Caeser Prosthetic Foam Nose - view 4

Caeser Prosthetic Foam Nose

Price: 18.95

These cold foam noses meet the highest standards of make-up artistry. They are designed as character noses, but are small-format and realistically sculpted. They are made of fine-pored PU foam and completely encapsulated in an ultra-fine film of Syncap. This PU film covers the pores of the foam and enables holohedral bonding as well as much easier color design than with other foam prosthetics. The Syncap surface can be colored with any normal make-up, Rubber Mask Grease Paint, alcohol paints as well as Pax Paints. The very fine edge of Syncap can be dissolved with acetone and enables transitions that would otherwise not be possible with foam parts.

The inner measurements of the PU Foam Noses match a nose length of approx. 6 cm and a nose width over nostrils of approx. 7cm. The foam piece is flexible within limits and will fit noses up to 7,5cm length and 8cm width. Compact prosthetics made of PUR foam, encapsulated in PUR film.

How to Apply Your Ceaser False Nose Pt1
How to Apply Your Ceaser False Nose Pt2
How to Apply Your Ceaser False Nose Pt3
How to Apply Your Ceaser False Nose Pt4

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