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Video Instructions - Applying Your Beard & Moustache

Theatrical Beards and Moustaches

The perfect Theatrical Quality Beard or Moustache completes any costume or stage outfit. All our beards, moustaches, eyebrows and sideburns are human hair. Ideal for any TV or stage production, and the finishing touch to your fancy dress costume.

We have hundreds of costume beards, moustaches, eye brows and sideburns all in the full range of colours.

Our Beards and Moustaches are made of human hair, hand knotted on net backings.They are attached using Spirit Gum Theatrical Adhesive, this helps make them very realistic looking.

Colors shown may vary because of lighting, photographic equipment, reproduction techniques, and computer display characteristics. There are also some variances in the color of different batches of the same product.

Click on the Colour Chart below to find items available in selected colour

Fixing your Facial Hair using Spirit Gum

Clean the skin thoroughly before applying the beard or moustache. Remove any make up and be clean shaven in the area where you are applying the spirit gum.

They are more difficult to attach to oily skin or stubble.

Apply the spirit gum to the area where the hair will be placed by dabbing it onto the surface of the skin. Allow it to dry completely. This will also act as a barrier to any sweat.

Apply a second layer of spirit gum onto the area, wait for it to become slightly tacky and then press the facial hair in place. Hold firmly for a couple of seconds to help it attach to the spirit gum.

Use a powder puff to gently press the edges of the hair against your skin and allow the edge of the hair lace to sink into the spirit gum and become invisible.

Smile to ensure the facial hair does not cover your natural smile lines and make sure the hair will not detach from the face.

After use, clean with a cloth and warm water and allow to dry before storing.

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